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Variety Descriptions
Item#VarietyRelative DaysFruit ShapeFruit SizePlant CharacteristicsResistance/
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BHN 1022Midseason (TP)Grape-shaped7-12 gramsDeterminateFol1,2,3, TSWVA determinate hot set grape that produces heavy concentrated yields of very firm fruit with great shelf life.
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BHN 784Early-Mid (TP)Grape-shaped10-15 gramsDeterminate Fol1, Heat(T)Determinate plant type that has greater capability to set fruit in hot conditions. Excellent size, shape and attractive red color.
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BHN 785Mid-Early (TP)Grape-shaped8-13 gramsDeterminate, TallFolImproved uniformity of shape, size, and better set than other grape tomato varieties. Vigorous bush with great cover.
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JOLLY GIRL55 (TP)Grape-shaped8-12 gramsDeterminateFol1,2(IR), VGreat flavor with uniform fruit. Determinate plant reduces labor costs when using short stakes or cages. This makes Jolly Girl an excellent choice!
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LUCIA62Oblong, Grape-shaped0.75-1 oz., 5 gramsIndeterminateAs, Fol1,2, N, VSuper crunchy with excellent flavor and very high yields. Bite sized fruit goes great in salads, on pizza, and in sauces. Up to 10% brix.
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75 (TP)Grape-shaped0.75 oz.IndeterminateTMVGolden color tomato that's strong against blossom end rot and cracking. Well-balanced ratio of sugar and acid. Excellent shelf life.
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Mid-Early (TP)Grape-shaped12-15 gramsIndeterminateFol1Golden grape tomato with excellent flavor. Vigorous plant, great fruit set, and high yields. Excellent cracking resistance and outstanding shelf life.
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SWEET CANARY New item for Siegers Seed Company!
62 (TP)Grape-shaped0.5 oz.Determinate Early maturity, deep yellow color with firm texture. It can be used indoors or outdoors.
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SWEET ELITE65 (TP)Oval0.5-0.75 oz.IndeterminateFfA-E (HR), Fol1,2 (HR), Ss(IR), ToMV0-2 (HR)Large grape tomato appreciated for its fruit-setting ability, particularly in cooler conditions where it maintains very good size and shape uniformity. Attractive deep red color with good flavor and cracking resistance.
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SWEET HEARTSEarly (TP)Oval Grape-shaped7-9 gramsIndeterminateFfA,B,C,D,E, Fol1, ToMVBrilliant red, very uniform, excellent flavor. Impressive yields with continuous sets and full clusters to the top of the plant. High brix, excellent shelf-life.
Item Number Codes: E=Primed, M=Pellets, T=Treatment(in addition to standard), U=Untreated, No Letter=Standard Treatment

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